How to Add Negative Marking to Forms?

ExtendedForms provides a ‘Negative marking’ feature that elevates the complexity and sophistication of Google Forms-created quizzes and assessments, taking them to a more advanced level. ExtendedForms Negative Marking function allows users to add negative markings to any quiz or test.  The process of this is simple and quick to follow for any users trying it […]

How to Manage Subscription

In this short guide, we are going to explain how you can manage subscriptions of the ExtendedForms. The ExtendedForms premium plans have many features which you won’t get on free plans. Like, for a free trial you get only a 100 responses quota after that, you will have to upgrade plans for more responses quota […]

How to Add/Create a Team

This feature is available in paid plans-  In this article, we are going to explain to you how you can add a team to ExtendedForms. The team feature is one of the best features of ExtendedForms, as it lets you add unlimited users to your Google domain.   This guide to how you can create/add […]

How to Customize Welcome Message

This feature is available in paid plans – To customize the welcome message which show on the welcome screen, follow this guide. Open the form in Extended Form window, like this: Click on the “Welcome Message” (under the three dotted menu) Type your welcome message and click “Update Message”