Form Misconfiguration Detected

Got an error while configuring your Extended Form stating “Form Misconfiguration Detected“? Nothing to Worry About, your Extended Forms account is still intact. Reasons for Form Misconfiguration Google Sign-in Error – Error Code 1 Google Sign-in Error – Error Code 2 Re-captcha Error – Error Code 4 Submit ID Missing – Error Code 5 Form […]

Configure Option not visible

When working in Google Forms with the Extended Forms addon installed, you might notice the Configure Option missing/not visible when you first open the menu. This is a known issue and a bug from Google itself with no control of ours. However, a temporary workaround for it is to repeat the same process once again […]

How to Transfer Extended Form Ownership

One of the best features of Extended Forms is its ability to transfer ownership to another Extended Forms user. With this process you can transfer the form with all its current settings and logs like the form settings, received responses, pending invitations, etc. intact to the intended new owner. Note: As of now you can […]

How to Configure Extended Forms

In this article, we would see how you can configure the newly downloaded Extended Forms Add-on. The first step that you need to do is open any of the Google Form from the specified account that has the Extended Forms Add-on Installed. Now, Navigate to Add-ons > Extended Forms by hitting the Addons icon from […]

How to Install Extended Forms Addon

There are many ways of installing the Extended Forms Addon on to your Google Forms we have discussed the Best Three ways below: #1 Installing the Addon Directly from Google Workspace Marketplace This is the easiest way of installing the Extended Forms Addons to your Google Form. To add the Extended Forms Addon onto your […]