Form Misconfiguration Detected

Got an error while configuring your Extended Form stating “Form Misconfiguration Detected“? Nothing to Worry About, your Extended Forms account is still intact.

Reasons for Form Misconfiguration

  1. Submit ID Missing – Error Code 5
  2. Google Sign in Error – Error Code 2
  3. Re-captcha Error – Error Code 4
  4. Form Stopped Accepting Responses – Error Code 6

Submit ID Missing – Error Code 5

Form Misconfiguration Detected - ExtendedForms
Form Misconfiguration Detected – ExtendedForms

Most users get this error that says “Form Misconfiguration Detected” while configuring a new google form with the Extended Forms Addon. This occurs when the system is unable to detect the ExtendedForms Submit Id.

While configuring a new google form with the ExtendedForms addon, ExtendedForms generates a new blank field that consists of a unique ExtenedForms Id. You should not “Edit or Delete” this blank field and it should be kept blank.

Form Misconfiguration Detected - Submit ID - ExtendedForms

If a user deletes this field containing ExtendedForms id and previews their form with the ExtendedForms preview button, they will witness a “Form Misconfiguration Error” message with an Ok button that redirects the user to this document.


Goto your Google Form, go to ExtendedForms Addon, and open the Configuration Menu.

Form Misconfiguration Detected - Solution - ExtendedForms
Form Misconfiguration Detected – Solution – ExtendedForms

While inside the Extended Forms Click on the “Save” button and the submit id field will be generated automatically and you can configure your google form thereafter.

Google Signin Error – Error Code 1 or 2

Its quite possible that your Google Forms is not properly configured in order to be connected with Extended Forms. Please follow these steps to fix the following issue:


If you are users are getting this signin page instead of the actual form AND the form is being automatically submitted, then you are at the right place:

to continue error


Open your Google Form and navigate to the settings tab.

Uncheck all the options you see here, especially the “Limit to 1 response” (you can however keep the “Collect email addresses” option on):

disable limit to one response

Open the Extended Forms from the Addons Menu to make sure everything is configured correctly. If you are still getting the “Attention Needed” notice then just click on the “Fix Settings” button and the issue will be fixed.

one response per respondent

Re-Captcha Error – Error Code 4

Are you getting a re-captcha error while configuring your form? If in the form settings you have checked, the collect emails checkbox, and have opted to share response receipts with the users attempting the test then you will receive a “misconfiguration detected” error.

Re-Captcha Error - Error Code 4 -Form Misconfiguration Detected


A quick solution to this problem is to disable the “Collect Emails” and “Response Receipts” feature in the form Settings.

collecting Email Addresses

Form Stopped Accepting Responses – Error Code 6

If you toggle the accepting responses button and disable it in the Responses Tab of Google Forms then, if a user attempts the form they will see a “form misconfiguration detected” error.

not accepting responses

So, if you stopped accepting responses, and now if a user tries to attempt the form he will get an error as depicted in the below image.

Form Stopped Accepting Responses Error


Do not toggle the Accepting Responses button on Google Forms.

do not toggle this

Instead, go to Extended forms website by hitting “Preview” or “View Responses” button of Extended Forms and toggle the “Accept Response” button.

stop accepting responses