How to Add/Create a Team

This feature is available in paid plans- 

In this article, we are going to explain to you how you can add a team to ExtendedForms. The team feature is one of the best features of ExtendedForms, as it lets you add unlimited users to your Google domain.  

This guide to how you can create/add a team is quick and easy to understand and go through. 

To start with, directly navigate to the Extended Forms website or go through Google Forms (Addons > ExtendedForms > Configure > View Responses/ Invite people).

The next step is, to click on the “Teams” option (on the left side), you’ll then see the Teams profile section visible on the page (see picture below).

ExtendedForms- Teams profile

Now, you have to create/add a team, for that Enter a team name and click on the “Create” button (as shown in the above picture). You will then see a team has been created below as “Current Teams.” 

A further step in this process is to set a team profile, for that click on the “Team Profile” option at the bottom of the current teams’ section (shown in the below picture).

Set Team profile option

It will then lead you to the Team profile section, click on the “Update Photo” under “Team Icon” to add team profile (see picture below).

Add Team Profile

Further, you can also “Update team Name” if you want and click on the “Update” option to save the changes.

Now go back to the teams’ page and click on the “Team Brand” option beside the team profile and set a “brand logo”, “brand URL” and “brand theme” (if needed).

The last step on “how to add a team” is to invite team members by clicking on the “Invite Members” option (as shown in the picture below).

Invite Team Members

It will then lead you to the “Mailed Invitation” page, navigate to “Send Invitation” and enter email-ids and send it to invite team members.

Send Invitation option

After inviting team members, you can see all the members (who have already joined the team) in the “Team Members” option (on the right side of Invite Members) or directly on the “Members” category (see the picture below).

Team Members option

If you want you can also remove the team by clicking on the “X” (Remove Team) button beside invite members (as shown in the above picture). 

Voila! You have successfully created/add a team in ExtendedForms.