Whoops! Quota got Exhausted, Please Contact Admin.

Did you receive the “Quota got Exhausted” alert while using Extended Forms? Extended Forms allows you to collect over 100 responses for Free and when you end up exhausting all of your Free responses you are notified that your Free Quota has exhausted.

What is a Response Quota in ExtendedForms?

Extended Forms Monthly Quota

When you install the Extended Forms app for the first time on your Google Forms, we allow new users to connect up to 10 Google Forms and collect up to 100 user responses per month against their Extended Forms account.

After your form goes live and you start collecting user responses with Extended Forms your response quota gets automatically updated with the latest count i.e. the number of left responses.

When you end up completely exhausting your free “100 Response Quota” you will be alerted about it and new responses will not be accepted until you upgrade your free account to a paid plan or wait until next month when the response quota will be reset back to 100.

Extended Forms Paid Plans

If you don’t want to wait until next month you can upgrade to any of our flexible paid plans.

Extended Forms offers Starter and Pro Plans which can be billed Yearly/Monthly. Following are the plans for Personal Account.

Extended Forms Yearly Pricing - Personal