How to Customize Welcome Message

This feature is available in paid plans – To customize the welcome message which show on the welcome screen, follow this guide. Open the form in Extended Form window, like this: Click on the “Welcome Message” (under the three dotted menu) Type your welcome message and click “Update Message”

Submit button doesn’t work

Sometimes you may notice that clicking on “Submit” button doesn’t work because Google puts a “Captcha” in the Google Form, for example: If you notice this recaptcha, change your form settings and switch off “Response Receipts”. Now when you visit Extended Forms, your form will work just fine. Question: But I want to send Response […]

Response not being recorded

If you don’t see any scores in extended forms dashboard, make sure the Google Form has submission id created by our extension. Step 1 – Open the Google Form Search for ExtendedForms id (skip this field) in your Google Form Step 2 – If ExtendedForms id is not present Open “Extended Forms” addon and click […]